Stirr Sydney 2 & Rotweiller Bungy

Rotweiller Bungy

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Stirr Sydney went off with a bang last night and was just as much fun as the first one. Great to see everyone get into it again and enjoy the gathering.

Lots of fun half-baking ideas. Congrats to Breezy and his team for bringing the world of porn the increased security options with Rotweiller Bungy. (note: this is not real idea or company, just a game…)

A new game we tried was Keynote Virus where there are 3 cards with 3 tech buzz words (twitter, synergy, web 3.0, etc) and if you had the card you had to get someone else to say one of the three words to pass it on. The person left with the card at a random point had to come to the front and mention all three items in a sentence in a minute. The virus bit went well, but I think we change the end to be more charades like. i.e. get the audience to say ‘convergence’ without using the word.

Booking Angel won best demo with a big wad of VC Dollars, winning some great Microsoft ware (Thanks again for the support Michael) but 3eep, Rave About it, dLook Directory and Omndrive WFS all did stellar jobs. Although with Nik’s schedule recently it was pretty amazing even to get him away from his screen.

Big thanks again for the sponsors;
* Technology Venture Partners
* Atlassian (BTW, Dave found someone with the same name in Canada….)
* Omnidrive
* Tangler Discussion Network System Technology Platform

Big thanks to Ivory Lounge for putting up some nicer food.

Big thanks to BBC for coming along and chatting to the crew.

And big thanks to everyone for making it a fun night.

Photos for Stirr Sydney on Flickr here

See you next Stirr.

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  2. Sri Says:

    Yep porn definitely has an upper on any idea i reckon… gotta find myself a seat in their development team asap!

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