New Version of Tangler With Embeddable Discussions


We’ve launched a new version of Tangler with lots of great new features and changes.


Check it out


The big news of course is that embedding is here.


It’s the next level of discussion and a step on the way to powering discussion across the Internet. The Tangler team really wants to change the way we talk about the stuff we love.

See below for a real life implementation.

So how does embedding change things?

Well, first of all, it brings discussion out of the forum and over the walled garden. It frees it to roam the web.

But Tangler topic embedding isn’t just like YouTube embedding. With YouTube there’s no connection. We’re all watching the same video but we have no way to interact. Tangler combines live discussion with embedding to make…..


Distributed Discussion!


And the consequences are pretty cool.

Multiple people, accessing the same conversation from multiple locations.

“Hmmm.”, I hope you’re saying.

So the discussion below is;

  1. Below
  2. In my forum
  3. On my personal blog
  4. And could be in 100 more places!



So start playing with it. Plug it into your blog, your social network of choice, your website or even web app.


Lots more new stuff in this version – check it out now.

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Jeremiah Owyang Talks to Jason Lopez and talks about widgets and how web technologies are most powerful when they can be easily spread across the web. Tangler embedded topics fits this perfectly.

Posted by Mick on Feb 05 2008 under Tangler, discussion

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