Ustream and Tangler Live Combo

The Tangler community have always known we’re a great live discussion forum, and live-Tangling from some events have really been fun. But yesterday we discovered a new way to do live – remotely – and it worked awesomely.

2Web crew are a group of techies who do a regular podcast. I’d listened to them before, and recently they’d been recording the shows using Ustream. A bunch of listeners would jump on, ask questions and be a part of the show. The only problem is that the Ustream chat is really basic.

So we thought we’d try Tangler.

Brilliantly, Ustream offers an embed of their shows and of the chat. So I grabbed the code, embedded it into a new Tangler forum and topic and it was live in about 2 minutes. I wrote a message to the 2crew in the show, they told the audience and all of a sudden we had a swarm of people in Tangler listening to the show and making an even bigger contribution. They put in videos, pictures, links and the 2web crew got an automatically generated list of show notes. Perfect.


Here’s an the topic where we did the embed and live show:

2web Crew – live podcast recording


2web embed


Why use Tangle with Ustream?

  • Combine live video and audio with live, rich discussion.
  • Links are clickable without interrupting the stream as they open in a new window
  • The discussion is permanent. If I get in late, or I miss it all together, I can sill catch up
  • The audience can add their own commentary and notes including pictures and videos to add to the show
  • It’s so much more fun


Learn how to use Tangler and Ustream


Posted by Mick on Jan 16 2008 under Cameron Reilly, Duncan Riley, Live, Podcast, Tangler, discussion forums, embedding

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