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Network Status Update

Posted by Alex on Nov 16 2012 under Tangler

Tangler is good to go again. However our Network Provider is giving us the run-around. There has been a change of personnel and we are just not getting the traction we need. We are continuing to press hard. The problem has gone on so long that we are reluctant to give a date for recommencement but we are hoping it will be next week.

Network Announcement

Posted by Alex on Oct 16 2012 under Tangler

Periodically Tangler is brought offline for several days. This is one of those times. We will post here when Tangler service is resumed but please bear with us as return is not envisaged until October 22nd. Any improvement on this date will be posted here.

Service interruption

Posted by Alex on Feb 15 2012 under Tangler

We are sorry if the recent 6 hour service interruption caused you difficulties. The issue was over the management of the domain which had been running on a 36 month auto-renewal.

Network Outage

Posted by Alex on Dec 10 2011 under Tangler

Our network operations team scheduled reboots in order to initiate some patch updates. This interruption to service is taking longer than expected. Our engineers are working to restore operations as quickly as they can. Thank you for your patience.

Service outage

Posted by Alex on Oct 17 2011 under Tangler

We apologise for any inconvenience resulting from the recent network outage. Please email us at info@tangler.com should you have any queries about the service or our network.


Posted by Loic on Nov 30 2010 under Tangler

Hello Tangler users.

Some of you may not know we run another service over at TanglerLive, incorporates many of the same features that make Tangler.com great, along with a dead simple process for starting a conversation; the ability to post in a conversation without having to register first and built in systems to share a topic with other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

That is not where the differences end but best you give our exciting app a spin and tell us what you think at either support@tangler.com or support@tanglerlive.com.

If that seems a little impersonal feel free to drop the management a direct line!

CEO: Alex von Kotze

Community & Product Officer: Loic Golliard

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

It’s all good now!

Posted by dekrazee1 on Feb 03 2010 under Tangler

Hi all.

Tangler’s back up and running as it should be. We got the changes to the system done and they’ve worked well.

Our sincere apologies for the delay in getting this note out. We got too Tangled with the forums working ‘n all. ;)

We will be right back

Posted by dekrazee1 on Jan 31 2010 under Tangler

G’day folks,

As some of you might have noticed, we’re having some issues with Tangler forums. One of our servers isn’t playing nice, and we’re furiously working on getting the system back up and running. We are taking this opportunity to beef up the system as well, so it’ll take a while, but we’ll be back bigger and better.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the extended downtime.

Scheduled release downtime – 13 Oct 09

Posted by dekrazee1 on Oct 13 2009 under Tangler

We’re rolling out some updates to the system, so Tangler will be unavailable from about 9.30pm AEST (3.30am PST/11.30am BST), 13 Oct 09.

Tangler Forums should be back online in about an hour.

In the meantime, here’s something to pass the time :D

We will be right back!

Posted by dekrazee1 on Aug 19 2009 under Tangler

Hi all!

Our server hosts will be carrying out some maintenance work today, so Tangler will be down for a little while. It shouldn’t last too long (estimated duration half an hour) and will begin around 2300 19 August 09 AEST (0600 19 August 09 PDT).

See ya all soon! :D